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Tax-Slashing Economist Leads Race for Argentine Presidency

The results of the PASO generated great interest in knowing the proposals of those who surpassed their adversaries in the internal elections and positioned themselves in the race for the Rivadavia´s Chair.

In this scenario, journalist William Hoke from the news portal Tax Notes – a portfolio of publications offered by the non-profit publisher Tax Analysts – inquired about the tax aspects of each candidate.

To understand in depth the tax platforms of Javier Milei, Patricia Bullrich and Sergio Massa, he interviewed Diego Fraga, partner and CEO of Expansion Business, who reviewed the main points.

Regarding the candidate for La Libertad Avanza, he recalled that “he proposes reducing taxes on exports in a process of 24 months or less.” In addition, he mentioned the reduction of Personal Assets and Gross Income and the non-taxability of profits from reinvested income.

Regarding Bullrich’s ideas, he explained that he wants to provide tax incentives to promote investments and new corporate ventures, reduce or eliminate export taxes, negotiate an interjurisdictional agreement to reduce and eliminate distorting local taxes, and reduce asset tax rates.

Finally, Fraga was skeptical about the changes that Massa could implement if he assumes the presidency, highlighting that “it is not likely that we will have a fiscal policy very different from the current one.”

The article by William Hoke was originally published on August 24, 2023 in Tax Notes. You can read it in full, prior subscription, by clicking here.